Info and Resources for the MyTouch Upgrade

In a refreshing response to consumer feedback and as a nice reminder that big companies DO listen to all of us smaller people, Ford has recently released upgrade software with improvements to their MyFordTouch system (a central entertainment/control system in many Ford vehicles).  The updates were sent out to local dealerships in the form of flash drives that plug right into the USB port of the system in your car, and install the updates.  (If you are doing the install and looking for some further direction, Director of Electric System Engineering at Ford is featured in this video doing an example upgrade).

As far as the upgrade goes, this is very similar to ones you may have done in the past on your cell phone, laptop, or other devices that may require performance and visual enhancements as technology improves.  The MyFordTouch upgrade addresses all of the issues that customers have been voicing including faster touch-screen recognition, better graphics, and an improved audio commend recognition system (note that you will still need to re-sync your phone to this system after you install the upgrade).  In addition, there is also a new my ford touch i-pad and i-phone instructional app that is free on i-tunes. It is called MFT Guide and since the graphics respond as would the touch screen on your car, this is a safe way to work through the different menus without being in your car. It’s great!  And wait, there’s more….customers that have the navigation system in addition to their MyFordTouch, will receive a new SD card with updated mapping ( $199 value)…not bad.  Ford has also extended the warranty on the MyFordTouch system from 3 to 4 years.

You can always go into your local dealership to have the upgrades installed, and at Cutter Ford we are providing free rental cars for the day to customers who choose to do this. For our local customers we would direct you to some of the resources that Ford has suggested like or contact our service department at 808-564-9216 so that we can answer any specific questions! Please let us (or your local Ford dealer) know how we can help you further!


Ford Introduces Mood Lighting

If you’re going to spend time stuck in rush hour, or an extended period of the time in the car for a road trip, or even if you end up spending a majority of your business day in the car on the way to sales appointments, Ford is trying to make that time a little more pleasant for you.  While many of us resort to finding a pick-me-up song on the radio, or engaging in some good conversation if you are lucky enough to have company on your commute…a new idea in bringing a little “light” to your day has emerged.  Ford has introduced ambient lighting to some design features of the 2013 Fusion including the center console, the instrument display, and even in the cup holders.  A very interesting take on improving how time in the car could actually affect our moods.  Read more about the blue light initiative here…