Ford “Going Further” For Its Customers

In light of this year’s new Fusion and Escape models, Ford has been pushing it’s new “Go Futher” ad campaign to the East and West coasts in an effort to remind America what is important in an auto brand.  The campaign sets Ford apart for its large efforts in the energy efficiency realm, as well as other plug ins and modern features that make operating your vehicle easier and easier. The idea is that Ford is dedicated to going further for its customers, because that’s what it will take to be the best in the auto industry-and we think that’s the right idea.  In a world as competitive as the one we live in, sometimes standard just doesn’t cut it anymore, and you have to show people how dedicated and loyal you are to bringing them what they want. Check out one of the campaign commercials below, and read more about the Ford “Go Further” campaign and how its peaking interest across the country.

The Honolulu Cutter Ford team is always here to answer questions about the new Ford models or any other current inventory!



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