Paying Our Respects to Caroll Shelby

Everything that we have now when it comes to amazing design, superior safety standards, fuel efficiency breakthroughs and other innovations within the auto industry, are brought to us by a long history of enthusiasts dedicated to the cause of bringing the consumer the best possible product.  With years of changes and improvements that constantly bring us better options when it comes to vehicles, it is only right that we pay our respects to those who built this foundation for us, and have brought us some of the most classic models, and important keystones that we continue to build off of today.  Carroll Shelby, whose name will live on through the Ford Mustang Shelby, passed away last week leaving his legacy in the look of many cars he influenced from the Mustang to the Dodge Viper.  A race car driver who contributed much to auto design, we reflect on how he has changed our industry and honor the enthusiasm that allowed him to do so.  Read about Carroll Shelby’s life and contributions.


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