Ford Sets an Example in Sustainability

As a part of many environmental initiatives that Ford has set out to achieve, recently released reports demonstrate the real progress that has been made in areas like output of energy in car production.  In the past 6 years, Ford has decreased the amount of energy it takes to produce its vehicles by 22%-planning to do even better in the upcoming 4 years.  Amid a world with rising energy levels and costs all around us, Ford strives to set an example of where corporations can start decreasing these levels to benefit their own bottom line, and an overall environmental cause.  At Cutter Ford of Honolulu, it makes us proud to be a part of an effort that demonstrates responsibility, accountability, and a responsiveness to what is important to our customers.  Read more about the scope of Ford environmental initiatives, which go way beyond decreasing energy levels at the production levels.


Ford Customers Stay Strong

It’s articles like this that make us proud.  Thanks to our dedicated customers across the country, Ford auto sales rose by 13%  in May, up from previous months and up from the same time last year.  Truck sales are leading the push.   Whether it be from improved economic conditions, improvement in the housing market-or something totally different, as your Hawaii Ford dealer we are happy to see the local community still engaging in new and used auto sales.  Let us know how we can help you find the new or pre-owned car that perfectly fits your needs this summer!