Ford Listens to it’s Customers!

DID YOU KNOW….that Ford actually has a forum that allows you to share your suggestions, critique and even more exciting…your ideas?! The “Your Ideas” platform is an interactive place where consumers can share their own ideas when it comes to topics like “Green”, “Safety”, “Performance” and more.  Let’s be honest, Ford has a very intelligent and innovative team-but some of the best ideas can come from our every day consumers who are familiar with our vehicles and are arguably in the best position to generate new ideas.  As Ford mentions on it’s site “It could happen in the shower. It could happen at the grocery store while deciding between one- or two-ply napkins…”.  We want to hear your ideas-no matter where they come from.  Visit the link below to explore.  You can post your own ideas, as well as browse other ideas- vote, comment and more! Your contributions are what make Ford a better company!



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