4 Reasons To Visit Your Auto Dealership in the Near Future (Especially in Hawaii!)


1)   Gas Prices: While there is still mixed speculation on where gas prices will head this Summer, most experts point to the fact that they will probably not be going down (dramatically at least).  So with gas prices still on the rise, its time to start considering a more fuel-efficient vehicle!  Fuel-efficient vehicles are affordable, becoming more readily available-and are the way of the future! Find out more about fuel-efficient vehicles in Hawaii.

2)   Cars are Getting Old: Research is showing that more cars are in need of replacing than any other point in recent history. This has a lot to do with economic factors that have deterred people from buying new cars in past years, and because of that the current average age of cars sitting in garages and driveways around the country is over 11.  The inevitability of replacing our old, loyal cars and trucks is upon us-its time for change.

3)   Help Hawaii’s Green Initiative: Currently, Hawaii is toward, but not AT the top of the greenest states in the US.  And while there is a lot to be proud of being toward the top of the list, who doesn’t want to be #1?!  Buying and driving a hybrid or fuel-efficient car or truck is a great way to make a major contribution to environmental initiatives on an individual level.  Help keep Hawaii green & beautiful, and breathe a little easier for 2 reasons: you will feel good about your efforts, and the air will stay a little cleaner!


4)   Reason to Take a Road Trip: As if you needed another reason to buy a new vehicle this Spring or Summer, a road trip to look forward to is the cherry on top.  Hawaii is the most scenic state in the country, and one of the most scenic destinations in the world.  With so many amazing weekend (or longer) trips throughout the Islands, you don’t want you car preventing you from enjoying! Make sure you have a car that will keep up with you and keep every mile as affordable as possible. Take a look at the best road trips in Hawaii-and get to planning (in your new car!)




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