Ford Plug-In Hybrid Coming Soon!

Its an exciting time for Ford and the upcoming roll-out of the new C-Max Energi which is a perfect demonstration of Ford’s commitment to economic and fuel efficient initiatives. With its electric motor and gasoline powered engine, Ford is releasing the hybrid in 19 markets this fall, followed by the nationwide roll-out next year.

While more and more companies are directing their efforts to vehicles that fulfill the growing interest in environmental and economical standards, Ford wants to exceed the previous standards by increasing the distance that the hybrid can run solely on battery power (20 miles), and increasing the speed that the vehicle can run on battery power alone (85 mph).

We are excited for the fall release and look forward to continuing to deliver on what is important to our customers! Contact Cutter Ford for questions about Hawaii Ford hybrid vehicles!



Thanks To Our Loyal Hawaii Cutter Ford Customers!

Sometimes our customers go above and beyond to let us know that they appreciate the dedicated staff we have here at Cutter Ford.  Check out this Cutter Ford Honolulu Testimonial, just one of our amazing Hawaii customers who have been pleased with our auto dealership experience enough to talk about it.  Thanks for showing your appreciation, and know that this only makes us work harder for you!

Ford Sets an Example in Sustainability

As a part of many environmental initiatives that Ford has set out to achieve, recently released reports demonstrate the real progress that has been made in areas like output of energy in car production.  In the past 6 years, Ford has decreased the amount of energy it takes to produce its vehicles by 22%-planning to do even better in the upcoming 4 years.  Amid a world with rising energy levels and costs all around us, Ford strives to set an example of where corporations can start decreasing these levels to benefit their own bottom line, and an overall environmental cause.  At Cutter Ford of Honolulu, it makes us proud to be a part of an effort that demonstrates responsibility, accountability, and a responsiveness to what is important to our customers.  Read more about the scope of Ford environmental initiatives, which go way beyond decreasing energy levels at the production levels.

Ford Customers Stay Strong

It’s articles like this that make us proud.  Thanks to our dedicated customers across the country, Ford auto sales rose by 13%  in May, up from previous months and up from the same time last year.  Truck sales are leading the push.   Whether it be from improved economic conditions, improvement in the housing market-or something totally different, as your Hawaii Ford dealer we are happy to see the local community still engaging in new and used auto sales.  Let us know how we can help you find the new or pre-owned car that perfectly fits your needs this summer!

Paying Our Respects to Caroll Shelby

Everything that we have now when it comes to amazing design, superior safety standards, fuel efficiency breakthroughs and other innovations within the auto industry, are brought to us by a long history of enthusiasts dedicated to the cause of bringing the consumer the best possible product.  With years of changes and improvements that constantly bring us better options when it comes to vehicles, it is only right that we pay our respects to those who built this foundation for us, and have brought us some of the most classic models, and important keystones that we continue to build off of today.  Carroll Shelby, whose name will live on through the Ford Mustang Shelby, passed away last week leaving his legacy in the look of many cars he influenced from the Mustang to the Dodge Viper.  A race car driver who contributed much to auto design, we reflect on how he has changed our industry and honor the enthusiasm that allowed him to do so.  Read about Carroll Shelby’s life and contributions.

Ford “Going Further” For Its Customers

In light of this year’s new Fusion and Escape models, Ford has been pushing it’s new “Go Futher” ad campaign to the East and West coasts in an effort to remind America what is important in an auto brand.  The campaign sets Ford apart for its large efforts in the energy efficiency realm, as well as other plug ins and modern features that make operating your vehicle easier and easier. The idea is that Ford is dedicated to going further for its customers, because that’s what it will take to be the best in the auto industry-and we think that’s the right idea.  In a world as competitive as the one we live in, sometimes standard just doesn’t cut it anymore, and you have to show people how dedicated and loyal you are to bringing them what they want. Check out one of the campaign commercials below, and read more about the Ford “Go Further” campaign and how its peaking interest across the country.

The Honolulu Cutter Ford team is always here to answer questions about the new Ford models or any other current inventory!


Get Ready for Summer!

Every year, thousands of people around the country start eating healthier, start lathering on the sunscreen and making other changes all in preparation for the summer ahead of them.  Truth be told, our vehicles require the same preparation in order to deal with the heat and other condition changes that come with the summer.  If you are planning any road trips, or just staying local this year, make sure that you car or truck is just as ready for the summer as you are!  Here are some classic summer vehicle maintenance tips so that you what you need to check when it comes to air conditioning, oil, ventilation and more.  Here at Cutter Ford, our team looks forward to helping you make sure everything is ready for summer of driving, so contact your local Hawaii Ford experts today!